Amazon: Canary in the Coal Mine?

The beatings continued for $AMZN Monday. Investors have hammered the stock since the company reported much weaker-than-expected earnings last week. Amazon’s fourth quarter EPS of $0.51 on $25.59 Billion in revenues missed Wall Street consensus by 17 cents and $440 million.

Now some cashtaggers say Amazon was the harbinger of broader economic weakness. Manufacturing purchases slowed significantly in January from the prior month, according to ISM’s report Monday. And the sense is that a significant slow down in consumer spending growth may not be far behind.


Feb. 3 at 12:01 PM

It’s like everybody woke, up, looked at the joke that is $AMZN and the declining growth and decided to dump $SPY too.


Feb. 3 at 11:31 AM

Amazing that so many $AMZN bulls have forgotten what the $AAPL crash looked like. And AAPL is a much more profitable company.


Feb. 3 at 11:44 AM

$AMZN what’s Chinese for “charlie horse”? market look like re-chewed horsemeat.

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