A Wild Week In Charts

What an exhausting week for Traders. Down, up, down, up, down. US Stocks couldn’t make up their mind this week, but ended on a decidedly down note. With earnings and judgements being handed out, there was plenty of volatility to keep hardened speculators off balance.

On Tuesday, Vringo $VRNG won a long awaited judgement against Google that sent the stock breaking through some significant resistance and got the ‘Vringos’ (our affectionate nickname for StockTwits’ looney bin) all excited – if only temporarily.


Jan. 29 at 1:26 PM

$VRNG still think this could run more, but I’d be careful http://stks.co/j0Dhj


Wednesday held some intrigue as $SPY hit it’s lowest levels of the week, freaking people out…


Jan. 29 at 2:18 PM

$SPY SPY is breaking 177 now.. watch it http://stks.co/j0Din

…and then Facebook came along after the close and absolutely crushed their earnings report and hinted at a return to our glorious bull market:


Jan. 29 at 8:30 PM

A look at how $FB finished the after-hours trading session. http://stks.co/a0AVw


On Thursday, Google kept the party rolling with an earnings report received favorably by the market and it too followed $FB’s lead and had a tremendous ramp in after hours trade:


Jan. 30 at 5:08 PM

$GOOG After Hours.. http://stks.co/j0EA4


Sadly, the market had different plans on Friday when $ES_F (S&P Futures) led $SPY to open significantly lower from Thursday’s close, nearly at the low print for the week. The happy buzz that was starting to take hold yesterday quickly evaporated and nothing displays investors’ nervousness better than this $VXX chart


Jan. 31 at 10:03 AM

Thanks to today’s market slump $VXX is now up over 20% in the last ten sessions http://stks.co/h0EYu


All-in-all, a volatile week by all measures. Rest up this weekend, you might need it next week.

~ Sean McLaughlin (@chicagosean)

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