A New StockTwits Experiment: The $FOLLOW Stream

Last week we announced the ability to follow ticker symbols on StockTwits.  This feature has been a tremendous success and people are starting to really follow stocks and use their Home Streams.  It has been great for discovery already.

We figured we’d take that discovery potential a step further and launch the $FOLLOW stream.

The $FOLLOW Stream is a StockTwits stream of follow recommendations of Stocks and People from the community.  For example, if you think people should follow @ppearlman just type in “$FOLLOW @ppearlman.  He’s a great market psychologist” and it will hit the $FOLLOW Stream.  If you think people should follow $GOOG just type “$FOLLOW $GOOG.  Android is really starting to gain traction” and it will hit the $FOLLOW Stream.

The best thing about this feature is now you can follow the $FOLLOW stream (how meta!) and get follow recommendations sent to you from the community in your Home Stream.

We ask that you PLEASE DO NOT ABUSE this symbol tag.  Here’s a breakdown of what to send to the $FOLLOW stream and what to leave out.

What to Send to the $FOLLOW Stream

  • Recommendations of people to follow w/ a reason why
  • Recommendations of stocks to follow w/ a reason why

What not to send to the $FOLLOW Stream

  • A follow recommendation without a reason
  • Links to your blog
  • Tagging every chart or post w/ $FOLLOW

We think this will be a great way to help share great ideas and idea generators that exist in the community.   Let us know what you think!

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