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Since 2008, StockTwits has been the ‘voice of the market,’ where you can easily listen to or participate in a conversation with your peers around what’s happening with individual tickers or the market in general.  The insights gained in our streams are unique because they’re the unvarnished, unedited thoughts of real market participants – not journalists, pundits, or analysts.  

Given how much noise there is in financial media today, we want to give you, our community – an easier way to keep your head – and portfolio – above the fray.

Each day, as we sift through the streams with our finger on the pulse, we pick the 5 things traders were talking about the most during and after trading hours.  

At 7:30 PM ET each trading day, we get those 5 things – now called “The Daily Rip” – into your inbox so you can catch anything you missed and be prepared for tomorrow’s open or tonight’s beers on Stone Street.

Each Monday morning, at 9:15 AM ET, we will send you a guidepost for the week to come – where we left off, and where we’re going. Who is reporting earnings, what to watch, what to be afraid of, and the best upcoming opportunities. This weekly guidepost is called “The Forward Look” – here’s an example.

We’re excited that Scout Finance, a unique company with a great product for our space, is our launch partner for these new offerings-  which we know are the best of their kind.

Sign up for them both today

Let’s profit, together.



Ian Rosen

CEO, StockTwits Inc.


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