8 Stock Market Masters To Follow: Compilation #8 From Steve Burns

Here is the 8th edition of our Market Masters series.

We’ve been reaching out to the traders and investors who have amassed large followings on StockTwits. We want to hear about their favorite follows and why. In this edition we spoke with Steve Burns, the founder of NewTraderU and author of books like The Fastest Way to Grow Wealth in the Stock Market.

Here are the 8 people and accounts he recommends for everyone to follow:

@Steenbab – A psychologist and trader, Brett Steenbarger is a must follow to add the correct psychological element to your trading. He teaches emotional intelligence.

@RedDogT3 – Scott Redler is a very sharp trader and I enjoy following his ideas and the risk/reward ratio structure of his trades.

@StockTwits – I check in with the StockTwits stream daily for the best curated content from their own site, along with my favorite ticker streams. This is one of my favorite follows for their aggregation of financial content.

@SunriseTrader –  Great Zen trader that shares positive thoughts and energy. A true gentlemen in word and deed. He reminds us that our top priorities are not trading, but treasuring our health and well being.

@JBoorman – Jon Boorman is a  pure trend follower that stays within his process. He is an example of discipline, risk management, and trading with the trend.

@HowardLindzon – One of the fathers of finance on social media. Co-Founder and CEO of Stocktwits, Founder of Wallstrip (Acquired by CBS), and managing member of Social Leverage. He has lots of fantastic ideas.

@TraderStewie: Stewie is not only a great chef and food connoisseur, he’s one of the first traders I ever followed on social media and someone I have learned a lot from.

@Ivanhoff Excellent long term trader. He shares some of the best content on social media, and has also written some great trading books.

If you enjoyed this list, make sure to let Steve know and give him a follow. You can find him sharing some funny and interesting content each day.

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