7 Tips for Being Awesome on StockTwits

Here are some tips on how to most effectively message on StockTwits. We have been watching the stream closely since day one and we know what the best of the best do to build respect, trust and brand and to get their word out.  In essence, 7 rules to becoming a leader on StockTwits:

1. The Golden Rule – Treat others how you would like to be treated. This one needs no explanation and is not distinct to our community.  It trumps all the other tips listed below and is a core principle on StockTwits.

2.  Transparency – If you only put winning trades out in hindsight, people will notice.  If you disappear after a losing trade, people will also notice.  That is why it is critical to message entries and exits and to come clean on a loss.  Losing trades are a part of trading and there are few things the community respects more than those who follow up on them.

While it is also part of being transparent to take credit for winning trades, gloating or razzing others for their defeats does little to earn the respect of others over time.

3.  Market Focus and High Value Information – Make sure that the messages you tag for inclusion on StockTwits are valuable to a community that is market focused.  We are all looking for edge and the best and most respected members of the community throw high value information out in a timely manner.  Entries, exits, charts, news, unusual activity and the like – actionable information in real time – this is what we all want and benefits everyone the most.

4.  Proper Tagging – Even while growing rapidly, the content running through StockTwits is better filtered now than ever before. Users are not only able to follow other traders on their Home Streams but tickers as well. In addition, we have streams which filter for specific asset classes and sectors.  Tagging your messages precisely makes sure that all the people who want to see it get to see it. So if you are tweeting about a specific asset, be sure to tag it with the corresponding $TICKER (exs: $GOOG, $GLD, $ES_F).

5. Using the StockTwits Platform – Messaging directly from the StockTwits platform (web, desktop and mobile) allows the most people to see and read your messages and click on your links.  This is because the Yahoo Finance Market Pulse feature only picks up messages emanating directly from our platform whcih are tagged with specific equity tickers (exs: $AMZN, $SPY). The savviest in our community have already figured this out and are using the platform because they recognize that it affords the greatest reach.

6. Replying and Paying Proper Respect – Being a part of a community means interacting and not just talking at.  The best of the best on StockTwits answer the good questions of others, ask questions, clarify and debate all while following Number 1 listed above.  In addition, if someone provides you with information that leads to a good trade, let them and the rest of the community know it.

7. Keeping Explicit Self Promotion Off the Stream – If you come onto StockTwits and do nothing but promote your own products, the community will never come to know you or how good you are. The guys who become the most popular are the ones who simply put the best ideas out there and who are transparent regarding their losses.  They are accurately perceived as generous. It is a natural meritocracy and we call it social leverage.  Those who only promote just get tuned out over time.  For more detail on this on, please see our House Rules.

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