5 Reasons StockTwits is Awesome!



I was recently chatting with the Investor Relations representative of a well known consumer retailer and he put me on the spot to quickly name five reasons why StockTwits is awesome.

Without hesitation, here was my response:

  1. Community. Our community of investors, traders, journalists, and media are responsive and willing to mentor. The amount of sharing amongst our community members is amazing.
  2. Speed. It is easy for a user to quickly get up to speed on what stocks are trending and why.
  3. Sentiment. Tools for measuring investor sentiment to quickly “take the pulse” of stocks you’re interested in or the overall market.
  4. Research. StockTwits makes it easy for users to share charts they’ve created to help tell their investing/trading thesis and to seek comment from others in the community.
  5. Focus. The StockTwits community is focused on the markets. We cut through the noise to deliver signal for users. Through admin curation and user input, ticker streams are kept on message and focused, and our House Rules ensure we keep it that way.

I could have gone on, but I think this covers the key points.

If you’re an IRO looking to engage with the right audience, with the right context, make StockTwits your home for social engagement.

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