16 Stock Market Masters To Follow: Compilation #7 From Ivaylo Ivanov

We’ve been building lists of the best traders and investors to follow on StockTwits. Today, we’re happy to announce the 7th edition of our Market Masters series. The point of these lists are to help people find the best market thinkers for insights, education, and more.

Ivaylo Ivanov is a trader, author, and thought leader in swing trading strategies. We actually had Ivanov on our podcast in late 2015. He discussed his interests, background, and favorite stock market lessons. Today, Ivanov is a co-founder of Market Wisdom and author of books like The 5 Secrets To Highly Profitable Swing Trading. Here are his favorite follows (in no particular order):

@Steenbab – One of the best trading psychologists in the world; his posts are a must-read for all traders and investors alike; short-term trader.

@Sspencer_smb – One of the best traders in the world; I am surprised that he hasn’t been featured in any of the Market Wizards’ books yet; extremely savvy short-term trader, who is flexible enough to trade different setups in different market environments.

@SJosephBurns – one of the best curators of great content; he has also written many, many trading books.

@Zortrades – Always shares interesting and somehow contrarian perspectives, often right about the market,  always makes you think.

@JBoorman – A true long-term trend follower, who sticks to his process no matter what.

@HCPG – They say that you should be happy if your hit rate in trading is 50-60%. Based on the real-time ideas these guys share, their hit rate is probably over 80%. Extremely good short-term traders, using Bollinger Bands and moving averages to trade.

@AllStarCharts – Very smart and often right. Great inter-market analysis. He trades everything – from cotton and soybeans to Vietnam and Turkey. King of the mean-reversion trades.

@BruniCharting – Very young and very sharp, sharing good trading ideas and sarcasm on a regular basis.

@HarmonGreg – Extremely consistent, makes money in any market environment. Understands and uses options better than anyone else I know.

@Sssvenky – He trades everything and very successfully – options, stocks, futures. Shares very generously on StockTwits and Twitter.

@AlphaTrends – One of the fathers of technical analysis, occasionally shares fantastic risk/reward trades in stocks with high short interest, there’s always something to learn from him.

@UpsideTrader – Super sharp trader. king of the bear flag setup. He doesn’t try to catch tops and bottoms but does a great job trading trends directionally.

@Jfahmy – Joe makes great market videos every weekend. Shares great setups during bull markets and great jokes during bear markets.

@ReformedBroker – One of the smartest guys on the block, author, shares great links, jokes, and selfies on Twitter. One of the best writers in finance.

@HowardLindzon – He re-shares great content from people he follows and trusts, shares real-time trades, great follow during market panics as he somehow always manages to make money,  sometimes funny.

@TraderStewie – Very sharp short-term trader; doesn’t share as many charts and ideas as before, but still a great follow. He posts great cooking recipes with pictures.

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