10 Stock Market Masters To Follow: Compilation #6 From HCPG

A few weeks ago we decided to build lists of the best traders and investors. But first we needed your help. Today, we’re pleased to announce the 6th edition of our Market Masters series. You can view all of our previous lists here and the point is to help anyone find the best traders and investors for insights, education, and more.

Meet High Chart Patterns Group, or better known as @HCPG. We’ve followed them for years and have always found their charts and set-ups to be some of the best. The HCPG team has been trading professionally since 1997 and founded The High Chart Patterns Newsletter in 2006. Here are some of their favorite follows:

1.  AlphaTrends  @alphatrends
 — Brian is an all-around solid trader.  He trades with different indicators than us but we often find he comes up with same price/numbers as the ones we’re watching. Different hiking paths but ending up on the same mountain summit.

2. Howard  @howardlindzon – Love his self-deprecating humor but don’t be fooled, he not only has great instinct on his own trades but also has very good intuition on which trades from his own follows he wants to pay attention to at specific times.  Smart man who surrounds himself with smart people.

3. Ivanhoff   @ivanhoff –  Our favorite Bulgarian.  Trend type trading, longer time-frame than us but similar reads.  Again, good head on his shoulders.

4. Jackdamn @jackdamn – Good charting on relevant information — quiet guy, but does the job.

5. Scott Redler @reddogt3  Scott has very similar style to our type of trading and we often find ourselves in the same trades (in fact his firm T3 and HCPG had a partnership for subscribers back in 2010).   Probably the trader most similar to us in terms of style and time frame.  Sharp guy.

6. Steve Burns @sjosephburns –  One of the few who actually doesn’t often trade like us but whom we like to follow on stream.  Wealth of knowledge, very good reminders with risk management and trading education.   Does a lot for the trading community.

7. Steve Place @stevenplace  – Very smart guy — we ignore his options stuff (!) but like his other more relevant (to us) posts, and again, often find ourselves in similar trades.  Great sense of humor.

8. Steven Spencer @sspencer_smb – Our third Steve on the list!  But he’s worth mentioning — Steve is man of all talents prop trader who has his finger in many different pots.  Again, similar trading to us even though he’s likely more a risk taker (ahem, degenerate).

9. Sunrise Trader @sunrisetrader –  Great trader, tons of positive energy,  and classiest guy on our stream, bar none.  Incredibly generous with his feedback and with helping newer traders.   Good pull-back trader with strict risk-management rules.

10. Frank Zorilla @zortrades –   Zor is our man — a wily little fox. He’s the guy on the other side of the noob trade.  Grizzled veteran, has been around the block, seen lots of things, and knows the game inside and out.   Follow Zor.


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